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Puerto Iguazu

Our headquarters in the city of Puerto Iguazu , head of the growth of our company with future headquarters in Posadas , the capital of the province of Misiones. We also have options for you in Salta capital.

Puerto Iguazu, our headquarters


Puerto Iguazu is a bustling and feverish port, countries bordering are Brazil and Paraguay. Puerto Iguazu is linked through the International Bridge Tancredo Neves to Foz do Iguazu, Brazil and our fleet is enabled to cross to this destination.

Concentrates an extensive network of tourist services internationally and from it you can take tours to Iguazu National Park, which considered as one of the seven wonders of the world for its natural grandeur and wonderful vegetation, leave ecstatic to every tourist.

In Salta Capital we also have services for you. Feel free to ask about

Our location

HEADQUARTERS: Bompland 415 (N3370AAE)

Puerto Iguazu - Misiones.

Cell / Whatsapp: 03757-455459

Cell-Phone: 03757-457665

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