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With Aspenrentacar
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Better plan your vacation or life with us.
Aspen rent a car has cars and motorcycles available for you in Puerto Iguazu and
Salta Capital
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Info & Extras

HeadQuarters and other choices

Misiones, our wonderful place in the world.
Salta, "la linda" (the beauty).


Puerto Iguazu, our city of origin and its wonderful waterfalls, Itaipu, Moconá Falls, San Ignacio Ruins, the theme park of the Cross, the Industrial Park Inns and the amazing waterfront of Posadas, the province´s capital.
Salta, one of the most beautiful cities, amazement for tourists worldwide.
All this and more at your fingertips with our carfleet.
Fast , simple and reliable.

Car fleet

Our cars, your chance.


Enhance your driving plan and give yourself a chance to get where your need with one of our cars. Be encouraged, check on the availability and we will respond promptly.
We have both cars in Puerto Iguazu and Salta Capital. Be sure to specify in your availability request, destination from seeking our services.

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